Ataraxia Chardonnay

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Ataraxia Black Chardonnay 2020. Now when you think about Ataraxia and Kevin Grant, you can’t help but think of Chardonnay. There are very few wine makers in South Africa that are as synonymous with Chardonnay as Kevin Grant is. This is a very interesting wine; Kevin Grant was explaining to us that he has completely changed the way that he makes his Chardonnay. He is trying to get his Chardonnays to age a bit longer, so he has used an old Burgundian technique that is over a hundred years old. What he has done is had made it as violently as possible, he lets as must oxygen as possible into the juice, instead of that traditional oxidative style. It has spontaneous fermentation; no yeast, no batonnage was done either. This is an incredible Chardonnay; it has great fruit and lots of citrus but it has still got that great butterscotch flavour. It has a great balance between the oak and the wine. Kevin has a great saying, “Oak and Chardonnay goes together like tar and white lines”. It is just an incredible Chardonnay.


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